Who We Are


About the Sisterhood

Wy'east Sisterhood is a Portland, Oregon-based run, workout and social group focused on creating community and a platform for women to meet, share their voices, get fit and have fun! We meet almost daily for bootcamps, trail runs, adventures near or far, as well as 1-on-1 coaching. 

What ever it is, or how you decide to get involved, at the end of the day, we are just a group of ladies who like to workout and sweat together.

Join one of our classes and see for yourself!


Creation Story

The Wy'east Sisterhood began in Portland, Oregon in Spring 2017 when the coaches of the Wy'east Wolfpack realized how many awesome, adventurous, strong women had begun friendships and met training parters through the group. Creating an all-women group was an obvious evolution: A way for those who had already connected through Wy'east Wolfpack to further develop something of their own and expand the network of supportive, badass women. Together, with the help of Jennifer Love, Wy'east teamed up with Trail Sisters to create Wy'east Trail Sisters, a 9-week "Run/Bootcamp/Social Group" series. The response was tremendous and the energy couldn't be ignored; it was obvious the group should be expanded into something even bigger and better. After deciding to change the name to something more unique to the Oregon community, we created Wy'east Sisterhood and have forged ahead to create a base of loyal participants and followers in the Oregon area and beyond.