Wy’east Sisterhood training is designed for women. All of our leaders and participants are women or individuals who identify as women.
Twice a month we host all-inclusive events (adventure + happy hour); find details on our calendar or Facebook events.


Photo courtesy of Sage Brown: http://sagebrown.com/

Photo courtesy of Sage Brown: http://sagebrown.com/

MONDAY: Bootcamp

outdoor functional fitness for all women

Join the Wy'east Sisterhood for outdoor bootcamp!
Where: Meet at corner of SE Salmon & 63rd, outside gate
When: Mondays, 6:30-7:30 pm
What: An hour-long functional fitness bootcamp. This workout is open to all abilities; modifications provided whenever necessary. This is a great opportunity to get a unique and challenging workout, meet awesome women, and see what the Wy’east Sisterhood is all about!
Price: $15 single class, $130 for 10-class package — try your first class for free, just swing by!

Lincoln High School Track

Lincoln High School Track

TUESDAY: Track Day

A track workout for all women

Join the Wy'east Sisterhood for Track Tuesdays!
Where: Lincoln High School Track
When: Tuesdays, 6-6:45 pm
What: Come warmed up and ready to participate in a track workout. There are multiple workout options available so you can run the workout that best fits your distance/pace goals. Track is an excellent way to increase speed and efficiency, to improve race performance, and meet your running goals!
Price: $40 annual membership (good for one year from date of purchase)

Sister Shuffle

Sister Shuffle

FRIDAY: Sister Shuffle

a social run for all women

Join the Wy'east Sisterhood for a FREE weekly social run!
Where: Clearing Cafe, NW Portland
Fridays, 6:30-7:30 am
Meet up and run for roughly one hour. All paces are welcome; no sister left behind! Come meet some Wy'east Sisters, enjoy some miles, then grab coffee or tea afterward to start your Friday off right!

*SPECIAL NOTE* Every Third Friday of the month we skip our social run and attend the Territory Run Co. monthly Sunrise Run instead! 


Fusion: Strength + Endurance

Lead by: Anna

A 9-week training block focused on developing both the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems to meet your run goals while staying injury free. This class meets in SW Portland beginning with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a 45-minute run, and ending with 30 minutes of trail running specific strength training and mobility work (90 minutes total). 

The running portion of class is time-based (ex: 20 min out; 20 min back) to provide for people of all paces.

The class will follow a progressive build in terms of running intensity and strength training. All routes will be a mix of road and trail with a greater emphasis on trail in the second half of the class. Strength training will be performed after at Bridgetown Physical Therapy to teach the body to stabilize in a fatigued state, which is critical for endurance running.

There will be 8 hybrid classes and 1 longer trail run (last class) with dates and times listed below.

When: February 20th to April 17th | Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30 pm
Where: Bridgetown Physical Therapy
Class Size: 15
Prerequisite: Participants must be able to run 3 miles comfortably. All paces welcome. The final class will include a 6-7 mile trail run. 
Note: Please bring separate shoes for strength training after to minimize muddy feet! All items can be left at the practice before the run and will be locked up for safety.
Price: $150

Anna will be available for Q&A related to injury prevention or screening, as well as training specific questions throughout the course.


Our beloved Wy’east (Mt Hood)

Our beloved Wy’east (Mt Hood)

Personal Trainer

Sarah & Anna

Wy'east Sister Leaders Sarah & Anna are certified and available for one-on-one coaching.

Email info@wyeastsisterhood.com to inquire today.

Where: Portland, OR and beyond (happy to offer virtual coaching to clients outside of Portland)
What: Our goal-based personal training is fully customizable. We will help you prepare for whatever adventures lie ahead. Running coach, adventure coach, personal trainer… call us whatever you like. We are here to help you achieve your goals!
Price: Varies