Trail Speed Series

Trail Speed Series


Our Wy'east Sisterhood Trail Speed Series is designed to help you build strength, increase endurance & lactate threshold, and improve running efficiency allowing you to run longer and stronger.

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Why is this speed series for you?

It's true: speed work is more challenging than your steady-paced runs. The benefits of incorporating speed workouts into your training routine will provide numerous gains to your overall strength as a runner. You don't have to be fast to participate; speed work is relative to each individual's fitness and pace. The best part? By signing up for this series you won't have to go it alone! You will train with a group of women, holding each other accountable, motivating, and getting those legs turning over quicker… TOGETHER!

Whether you are training for long distance efforts (20-100 mile), or short burst speed (5-25K) goals, training your fast twitch muscles will improve your running economy and overall ability to keep running when you begin to tire.

Research shows that speed work will help adapt your body's ability to store glycogen and increases production of the protein myglobin. Myoglobin is the protein found in muscles that helps transport oxygen to your hard working mitochondria which in turn produce ATP to give your muscles energy. The point? Increase myoglobin to improve your body's efficiency in transporting oxygen that results in more given energy to muscles enabling you to run faster!

What: expect a variety of speed workouts— intervals, hills, and tempo runs
Where: Leif Erickson Trailhead
Group Size: 12
Prerequisite: Participants must be able to run at least one 10-minute mile; base mileage of 20 miles/week for past 5 weeks.
Note: Come dressed in proper running attire, layers for variable weather, headlamp starting in October, and always bring water.