Personal Coaching w/Anna

Personal Coaching w/Anna

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One-on-one coaching with Anna.

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Anna Komer (Wetzel) has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Road Runner Club of America Running Coach.

Anna has a variety of personal race experience ranging from local cross country meets, PNW 50Ks, ultra relays, and the Boston Marathon (and many more!).

- training plans for 5k to ultra marathon distances
- transitioning from road to trail running
- speed work & prehab exercises to compliment training programs
- gait analysis and running form training
- cross & strength training

Personal training is fully customizable. Anna can help you prepare for whatever adventures lie ahead. Running coach, adventure coach, personal trainer… call her whatever you like; Anna will help you achieve your goals!

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