Women's Health Series, Talk #1 Success

by Sarah Foote

Dossier Hotel, Portland, OR

Dossier Hotel, Portland, OR

Last week the Wy’east Sisterhood hosted the first talk of our Women’s Health Series. The evening was even more successful than anticipated!

“The first talk of the Wy’east Sisterhood Women’s Health Series was amazing. Dr. Roe presented a wealth of knowledge and opened the floor up for questions from all of the attendees. The conversation was easy and comfortable and I was able to get some more detailed insight on an old injury and how it impacts my running today.”
-- Larissa Fransen

Dr. Amanda Roe

Dr. Amanda Roe

Amanda Roe has been one of our Sisters from day one of the Wy’east Sisterhood. You can find her at Mt. Tabor most Monday nights, she joins our monthly adventures and happy hour events as often as possible. She’s a staple in the trail community in and around Portland and if you ever see her out and about you should absolutely say hello!

“Dr. Amanda was great. It was great to hear that others have similar experiences/situations. It was a very relaxed event, and an open conversation, and I learned some new information and took away things I can do to improve my health and my running. I am eager for the next topic!”
-- Renee Seker Janssen

In December Amanda and I started brainstorming an idea for a series of women’s health conversations that we thought would benefit our community in a huge way. Amanda said, “I could stand in front of a crowd and talk about women’s health for hours, but I don’t want to do that. I want to keep it small, casual, I want to have a conversation.” And voila! Four months, and a bit more brainstorming later, here we are.

“Why haven’t I heard all this before? I’m so glad I have this information now and am very excited to attend the next Women’s Health Series downtown Portland with Amanda Roe.”
-- Vicki Taylor

A small crowd gathered in the beautiful and intimate space provided by Dossier Hotel, downtown Portland. In a softly lit room, we invited women to sit in a semi-circle along with naturopathic doctor, and Sisterhood companion, Amanda Roe, and discuss pelvic floor health. Amanda started the conversation gently with some basic knowledge and relevant advice. Throughout the evening those in attendance asked questions and shared stories. The atmosphere was welcoming and the conversation was fascinating and informational.

“As strange as it may sound to want to go to a meeting and learn about pelvic health- it really was informative and light hearted! I learned some good takeaways and came away with answers to questions I had. It was great! Women who are also endurance runners can all benefit from the info presented!”
-- Liana Davis Gulzow

We are very excited to keep these conversations going. If you are available to join us Wednesday, May 9th, to discuss all things digestion, please do. It’s hard to guess exactly where the conversation will lead, but we are confident you will want to be there to find out!