Wy’east Sisterhood training is designed for women. All of our leaders and participants are women.

Fusion: Strength + Endurance

Lead by: Anna Komer

September 25 to December 18 | Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm

This 12-week training block is focused on developing both the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system to meet your run goals while staying injury free. We will meet in SW Portland, begin each session with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a 45-minute run, and end with 30 minutes of trail running specific strength training and mobility work (90 minutes total).

The running portion of class will be time-based (ex: 20 min out; 20 min back) to provide for people of all paces.

When: Wednesday evenings, 6-7:30pm (no class Wed Nov 27th)
Where: Bridgetown Physical Therapy
Class Size: 15
Prerequisite: Participants must be able to run 3 miles comfortably. All paces welcome.

Our Fusion course is structured to provide a progressive build; the philosophy is “introduce, improve, perfect” in 3-week cycles. All routes will be a mix of road and trail with a greater emphasis on trail in the second half of the class. Strength training will be performed after each workout at Bridgetown Physical Therapy to teach the body to stabilize in a fatigued state, which is critical for endurance running. The class will finish with a cumulative 8 mile trail run through the SW hills and Washington Park.

Note: Please bring separate shoes for strength training after to minimize muddy feet! All items can be left at the practice before the run and will be locked up for safety.

Price: $200

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Anna will be available for a Q&A related to injury prevention or screening, as well as training specific questions following each class.

Cancellation & Refunds: This course requires permits based on attendance. We understand things happen; email us right away if you need to make a change.
Full refund available through end of August,
50% refund available Sept 1-10,
No refund available after Sept 10.