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Bikes 4 Runners


Session 1: June 4th | Tuesday, 7-9pm - COMPLETE
Session 2:
July 16th | Tuesday, 6-9pm
Session 3: August 4th | Sunday, 10am-1pm

What kind of bike should I buy?
When am I supposed to shift?
What’s a chamois and why is it so expensive?

Questions like these have answers and we’re hosting a 3-part series of events this summer to uncover them with the owner of Mettle Cycling, Randall Fransen. Randall has been riding and racing for the last 12 years and owns/operates the Mettle Cycling “Elite Amateur” team here in Portland, OR. He is a certified USA Cycling Coach. We’ll discuss the benefits of cross-training for endurance athletes, basic bike maintenance, group riding, and for the curious, Cyclocross.

Below is the course description and objectives for each session. Register today!

Session 2: Group Riding

Outdoors, Group ride from Breadwinner Cafe

Let’s meet for a group ride and begin by talking about safety, where to ride, rules of the road, state laws, and how to deal with threats against your life from fellow Oregonians (yes, you read that right). We’ll also discuss cycling as a cross-training tool for runners and the crossover between endurance training for both running and cycling. Coffee and pastries are on us!


  • Group ride etiquette and safety: Rules of the Road / Oregon’s Cycling Laws

  • Training for endurance: Cycling as cross-training and preparation phases within an Annual Training Plan

  • Group Riding: An overview of safe places to ride, how to get there, and what to expect. How to ride in a group.

What: Group Ride with brief discussion at the cafe
When: Tuesday, 7/16 | 7-9pm
Where: Breadwinner Cafe | 2323 N Williams Ave. Portland, OR 97227
Group Size: Max 40
Required: Bring your own bike with appropriate safety gear (helmets are required). A release waiver will need to be signed prior to the group ride.

Price: $30

Session 3: Cyclocross 101

Outdoors, discussion & Group ride from (TBD)

Early enough to practice and train for the upcoming CX season, we’ll go over one of the most fun things you can do on 2 wheels and why runners make for great CX’ers. We’ll dive a little deeper into “Drop bars on dirt” and examine bikes specific to “mixed-piste” riding that are not Mountain Bikes. After an hour in the “classroom,” we’ll go execute by riding to a nearby park where we will warm up and practice a few basic skills for racing CX.


  • Cyclocross 101: An explanation of the format, features of a Cyclocross bike, breakdown of a CX race and what skills are required.

  • Field Work: Group ride, skills and drills, training for CX

What: Group Ride
When: Sunday, 8/4 | 10am-1pm
Where: TBD
Group Size: Max 50
Required: Bring your own bike with appropriate safety gear (helmets are required). A release waiver will need to be signed prior to the group ride.

Price: $35

Session 1: Intro to Bikes - COMPLETE

Indoors, Presentation & discussion at Mountain Shop

This evening will kick-off with a brief overview of the sport’s history and disciplines as well as an introduction to the anatomy of a bike and it’s basic mechanical operations. We’ll dive into troubleshooting minor mechanical problems, changing a flat, and how to maintain your drivetrain. We will also discuss the myriad answers to the question: “What kind of bike should I buy?"


  • Demystify the bike and cycling culture: Arm yourself to talk shop with your local bike shop mechanic and understand the sub-genres of cycling.

  • Common Questions for the Casual Observer: What is a chamois and why is it so expensive? Clipless pedals, how do they work?

  • Basic anatomy of a bike and maintenance: How to change a flat, how to adjust your shifting, how to adjust your brakes, how to clean and maintain your bike

  • What kind of bike should I buy? We’re all gear junkies at heart, let’s get weird.

What: In-class Presentation & Discussion
When: Tuesday, 6/4 | 7-9pm
Where: Mountain Shop | 1510 NE 37th Ave. Portland, OR 97232
Group Size: Max 40
Note: Come as you are with some note-taking materials

Price: $40

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