SAY HELLO TO OUR wy'east sisterhood AMBASSADORs

The Wy'east Sisterhood is proud to welcome our first ever Ambassadors. These women personify strength. They are brave, intentional, enthusiastic, and inspirational! We are proud to have them represent our voice in the community and to spread the Wy'east Sisterhood values. When you cross paths with any of these ladies be sure to snag a high five!


Emily Estrada

Whether she's running on a mountain, riding a bike, playing ultimate frisbee, or clipped in and ready to climb, you can be sure of two things: Emily is a warrior and she's wearing a smile! Her spirit animal is a badger, "because I'm small, loyal, and scrappy." Emily brings strength and enthusiasm to all of her adventures and she has a knack for lifting up those around her. She has a huge heart; when she is not out exploring with friends she is volunteering her time and resources. Emily is committed to social justice, inclusion, and equality. We are proud to call you our Sister, Emily!

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Theresa Silveyra

Theresa is an avid adventurer and writer. She is constantly pushing her limits and discovering strength and bravery she didn't know she had. From solo mountain summits to the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim, Theresa has had to dig deep to find the courage and energy necessary to accomplish her goals. Reading her trip reports is guaranteed to inspire. A music teacher by profession, Theresa has a knack for education. You will find her leading adventures, rallying & leading volunteers for trail maintenance all over the PNW, and sharing her wealth of knowledge with people new to mountaineering, trail running, backpacking, and climbing. We are proud to call you our Sister, Theresa!

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Casey Evans

Casey has big goals and an even bigger smile! Community building is her strong suit; Casey is genuine and welcoming to all, making even the most difficult physical activities into enjoyable social events. Casey's spirit animal is a she-wolf: "I enjoy running in a pack and I love a hamburger when I am done. A beer, too. Pretty sure wolves also enjoy beer." From valley floor to mountain peak she rides, climbs, and skis, but Casey's most passionate about trail & ultra running. She uses every training run as an opportunity to grow, to be proud, and find pleasure in the journey. Racing, exploring, and volunteering; Casey has made an imprint on the trail community in the PNW. We are proud to call you our Sister, Casey!

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Brooke Weeber

Brooke is a PNW girl through and through. An artist and adventure seeker, Brooke combines these two passions to create illustrations inspired by adventure, activism, food, conservation, and emotion. This year Brooke plans to visit as many National Parks as she can, spending time with Huxley, her dog and spirit animal; they both approach life with zest and enthusiasm! Brooke spends time camping, hiking, running, and taking beautiful photographs, while also building relationships and reflecting. She never stops wondering or wandering. We are proud to call you our Sister, Brooke!

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Meredith Mortensen

Meredith is the founder of Cookshop, a new home for cooking classes in SE Portland. She spends her free time running, skiing, biking and exploring the outdoors with her husband and two young daughters. When asked to identify her favorite smell Meredith said, "Sorry, I can't pick just one. Indoors: celery and onions gently simmering in butter on the stove. Outdoors: being in the woods when it first starts raining after a dry spell. Pure magic." Mouth watering? Mine, too. Adventurer, entrepreneur, mom of two, and patisserie chef—life’s a balancing act, but Meredith finds time to play. We are proud to call you our Sister, Meredith!

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